HKQI Group is highly experienced in all areas of intellectual property law and can assist you with your company trademark and patent needs on a global scale. Our international resources allow our dedicated consultants to obtain your trademark and patent registration in a professional, timely and efficient manner for individuals and companies worldwide. We can assist you every step of the way with your trademark search, registration and patent registration, and we will guide you on how to use your company trademark and patent in compliance with relevant laws.

Company Trademark Registration with HKQI

Depending on where your company is domiciled and which countries you wish your company trademark to be registered in, HKQI will provide you with the relevant information on how and where to register your mark and how to comply with the country’s trademark laws.

Community Trademark (EU)

HKQI can help you register a company trademark as a community trademark with exclusive rights across all EU 27 member states by filing for registration with OHIM. Our experienced consultants are equipped to perform an EU trademark search to ensure your mark is available prior to filing for registration with OHIM.

International Trademark

HKQI consultants are experts in international trademark registration and can assist you in obtaining an international company trademark in a timely, professional and stress free manner. We can draw on our international resources and file for registration with WIPO on behalf of companies located all over the world.

Trademark Search

HKQI will perform a thorough company trademark search in all countries you wish to obtain trademark registration in to ensure your application will be approved.

Why register a Company Trademark

When forming a company one of the first aspects you should consider, particularly if you intend to operate across international markets, is registering your trademark. A company trademark will ultimately represent the company’s reputation and brand, so it is vital that the mark is protected against counterfeit companies abusing the mark.

The main benefits of registering your company trademark are:

  • Exclusive rights to the company trademark
  • Heightened level of protection and legal support where your trademark rights have been infringed.
  • Increased brand loyalty from customers
  • Deters competitors in the market place from using the same or similar marks.
  • Effectively protected in a court of law and certain remedies can be sought by the company trademark owner where infringement occurs.
  • Remedies for infringement include; damages, injunction relief, reimbursement of court costs and profits made by opposition party to be awarded to the trademark owner.
  • Trademark renewal can be achieved in a timely and efficient manner

What is a Company Trademark

A company trademark is a trademark that identifies the goods and services of a company and ultimately builds the company brand. When forming your company it is vital to create a brand that will enable customers to become loyal to the brand and in essence the company. A company trademark must be distinctive from other trademarks but most importantly it must be available to use. A successful mark will be deemed so provided the mark is available, unique and is created from the following; numbers, letters, words, colors, designs and shapes.