HKQI provides company formation and management services in many jurisdictions worldwide. We can assist with the entire company formation procedure, from the initial incorporation stages to the continued company management and administration stages. We have access to a range of countries that offer favorable tax benefits along with higher levels of confidentiality and privacy.

Management Services that improve Business Efficiency

HKQI Group provides company management services to individuals, companies and investment institutions across the globe. We aim to help clients achieve complete optimisation through our professional accounting and audit services, virtual offices and our associated services. We can deliver management services that help reduce costs, maintain professionalism, build your company’s reputation and improve the overall efficiency of your business. We can also advise you on how to prepare financial and corporate documents in compliance with regulatory standards.

Administering an international company through the use of a professional consultancy firm will ensure that your business maintains a consistently high level of professionalism and always acts in a lawfully abiding manner.

By obtaining the professional guidance of a consultancy firm such as HKQI, not only will your company be guided during the formation and development stages, but it will also be better equipped to administer its activity in relation to the regulatory authority that is in control. This will ensure that your company is continually operational in compliance with the authoritative body, and submits all required documents and conducts other proceedings in an efficient and timely manner.

Company Management & Administration Requirements

Once your international company has been structured and is fully operational, it is important to ensure it maintains its legal status and complies with the regulatory authorities of the company’s jurisdiction, in regards to the internal and external behaviour of the company.

Company administration procedures vary from one jurisdiction to another and it is therefore important to be guided and administered by a professional consultancy firm, in order to ensure that all administration requirements are correctly adhered to. Each country has unique and specific legal requirements with regards to the management of a company. For example some international companies may be required to conduct annual general meetings and board meetings, and may also need to submit minutes in a specific structure, whilst others will need to ensure that bookkeeping is correctly administered, as required by the regulatory authority.

Maintaining the best practices for your international company will depend upon the type of the company being dealt with. You may need to update licenses, or uphold the correct VAT management.

Management & Administration Procedures

Once your international company has been established and is fully operational, it is important to maintain high standards of competence and the best practices available throughout your company’s lifetime. This can be achieved through the use of a professional consultancy firm such as HKQI, who can assist you with all of your company management and administration requirements. We will ensure that the subsequent management and administration procedures are administered at a high level.