Our employees are the most important asset of our success.


An investment and business management organisation of our size and scope requires talented individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Our associates are the key to our success. That’s why we take a very thoughtful, collaborative approach when making important hiring decisions.

For most applicants, the following describes what you can expect from our recruitment process.

Resumé Submission

Resumés should be submitted online or, in some cases, at the Career Centre of your college or university.

Initial Contact

You’ll get an email confirmation that we’ve received your resumé. If your skills match an open position, our recruiter will contact you.

Time Frame

The recruitment process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


You’ll generally begin with a telephone interview, followed by several in-person meetings. You’ll likely meet a recruiter, the hiring manager, and other potential colleagues.

References and Background Information

At various points during the process, you may be asked to provide documentation such as school transcripts, pay stubs, past performance reviews or a list of professional references.

Knowing Where You Stand

We make every effort to keep you informed along the way. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to respond to every candidate who applies, due to the volume of resumés we receive.

Even for those candidates who’ve been contacted, and who may have started the interview process, there can be periods of time when you don’t hear from us even though we’re actively working on your application.