Virtual Office Services

HKQI Group provide a host of virtual office services for individuals and companies of all sizes from across the globe. Our experienced consultants will advise you on which virtual office methods to adopt in order to fully optimise and maximise results for your business. The main forms of virtual office services offered by HKQI include; telephone answering and forwarding services, mail forwarding services and virtual offices services. HKQI can provide comprehensive virtual office services to ensure businesses of all sizes and experience can obtain a competitive edge in the market place through acquiring a flexible operational virtual structure and credible reputation.

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Acquire Virtual Office Services

epending on whether you are an entrepreneur starting up a business, or whether you simply want to further establish your business and enhance its credibility, virtual office services are a highly cost effective way to meet your needs. HKQI will consult with you to assess which type of virtual office services you require and the best locations to set them up in to help you attain profitability, operational efficiency or expansion for your business.

Types of Virtual Office Services

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The Virtual office services that we offer allow you to have a telephone answering and call forwarding, mail processing and forwarding and full virtual office services. Below is a list of the most popular Virtual Office Services that we offer:

Telephone answering and call forwarding service

HKQI offer a wide range of professional front and back office services, combined with the latest communication technology. Our telephone answering and call forwarding services aim to assist businesses to gain a competitive edge and communicate professionally with their clients and partners. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries are able to acquire telephone answering and call forwarding services which can be tailored to meet each applicant’s individual needs.

Mail Processing

HKQI can assist you in acquiring mail processing virtual office services by arranging for a mailbox in your country of choice. The mail processing service ensures confidentiality and security are achieved and you have the right to re-route your mail from the mailbox to any other location worldwide.

Virtual Office

HKQI offer virtual offices which are a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. HKQI are fully equipped to offer virtual office services in over 20 jurisdictions across the globe.

Why obtain HKQI

Virtual Office Services

There are numerous advantageous reasons why entrepreneurs and companies should adopt virtual offices services. Firstly all virtual office services are quick to set up and highly cost effective for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Many virtual office services are offered on a short term basis so there is low risk involved in agreeing to set up a virtual office service.

Virtual office services are cheap to run as there are no overhead costs or employee costs involved. Effectively you can operate you business from your home in England while advertising your business as a company based in Miami for example.

Virtual office services are performed by experienced and professional persons particularly in the cases of mail and call forwarding virtual office services so you will have peace of mind that confidentiality and professionalism is maintained.

There is a great deal of flexibility with virtual offices as you can choose a highly reputable area to form your virtual office that is both convenient for you and credible for your company. A virtual office also gives the owner flexibility and freedom to decide how to grow his/her business. A virtual office will give the applicant the necessary resources to establish themselves and when the time is right they can move into a physical office and expand.

Many seek virtual offices services to gain a professional image which in turn attracts more clients. By having professional represent your business (through call forwarding for example) clients will immediately perceive the business to be highly credible.