International Company Formation

HKQI specialise in providing assistance and extensive information relating to company formation in various locations worldwide. We will administer the company registration and formation procedure, along with supervising the handling of the entity. On request, and where appropriate, domiciliation, nominee shareholders, directors and secretaries will also be provided.

Company Formation Services provided by HKQI

HKQI offer a wealth of knowledge and advice in respect to the formation and company registration processes. Whatever your reasons for choosing to set up an international company may be, we will provide support and guidance every step of the way.

The duration for registering and incorporating an international company will depend upon the selected jurisdiction in which your company will be formed. All fees will vary depending on the jurisdiction in which your company has been registered.

Once fully registered as a recognized legal entity, HKQI can provide company administration support to help you correctly manage and administer your newly formed business.

International Company Formation Benefits

Company formation in an international jurisdiction presents a range of benefits to the business owners. By registering in an international jurisdiction, you will be entitled to tax neutral, low tax and zero tax benefits, meaning that your business will make greater gains on annual capital.

To register a company in an international jurisdiction means that it is also subject to a number of other benefits. Along with favorable tax opportunities, your business will also benefit from zero restrictions on the remittance of profits and capital in a jurisdiction that has strict confidentiality laws, making it a lawful offence for any financial institution to divulge information about their clients, without a court order from that jurisdiction.

International company formation also offers lower levels of bureaucracy in a politically and financially stable business climate.

Company Formation Procedure

Before an international company can be recognised as a legal entity, there are a number of obligatory procedures that will need to be completed. The initial stage is selecting the appropriate jurisdiction for your business needs. From here, you will be required to submit the relevant documentation as required by the regulatory body of your chosen jurisdiction. This includes certification that entitles your company to legally conduct business.

Setting up an international company may involve minimum capital requirements that must be placed in a bank within your chosen jurisdiction. This amount is usually required as a form of insurance and will remain within the jurisdiction’s bank during the course of the company’s life. HKQI have expertise in setting up and administering companies and corporate structures, specifically tailored to your needs. In addition to minimum requirements, a number of set up fees will be required, which will vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Each incorporated international company will need a certain degree of management and administration. This includes the handling and signing of various statutory documents, as may be required by law. HKQI can provide continued support from the incorporation stages, to administering and maintaining your international company.